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Be Alive, Be Healthy

About Us


Power Play Yoga is an organization working towards inspiring lives for Self Love, Self Care and to lead a disease free life with yoga practices.

We strongly believe on reversal of lifestyle, a new restored and rejuvenated life through rehabilitation.

We constantly raise the awareness towards detoxification of mind and body from within. We create awareness to a systemised, aligned life for collective health and peace. To maintain balance at work place, healthy relationships with colleagues, healthy family relations will all lead one towards a prosperous and peaceful life.

We guide you to enhance your inner beauty and personality through yoga practices.

Power Play Yoga Journey

My yoga journey started from 2018 with an intense and dedicated interest in learning yoga posture from Asthanga, Hatha yoga. In the beginning I practised most day of the week and imagined that I would never tire. For me a pleasant reward was that I always feel fresh & very happy. So, from that start, I knew that yoga could provide health benefits as well as an enormous feeling of wellbeing. But in that time, I only focus about my inner peace & doing my job work in good way. After some time, back I started thinking about my vision or motive of life & I found myself unintentionally creating a new path for myself as a yoga teacher and yoga therapist.

The pivot has been gradual over a year of regular practice, I discover train my body to move in different ways, including balancing on my hands. The more significant discovery was how much yoga – taken in its widely used definitions a means to yoke or unite body, mind & soul- can developed timeless leadership skills. Below are some of my yoga inspired personal motivation practices that may benefit yogis and non-yogis alike looking to enhance their personal or business leadership skills.


Our Mission!

Our mission is to create healthy awareness and to provide disease free life to all over the world, as we believe health is sum of physical, mental, emotional, socio economical and spiritual well being.

Our Core Values

* Quality & Safety
* Peace & Kindness
* Commitment
* Discipline
* Hard work
* Acceptance & Forgiveness
* Gratitude

Our Vision!

To inspire humanity – both in air and on the ground”. We have dream vision to see everyone healthy in holistic manner.

Our Goal!

Reach 50 lacs people in one year through social media, educational programs, workshops, hospitals, societies, banks, schools, colleges, corporate, NGOs to change their lives through Yoga.

Power Play Yoga Journey

* Pioneering power play yoga in 2021
* Completed facilities of Functional Training, Yoga Camp, Power yoga.
* Started Iyengar yoga with Props in 2022
* Spreading Health awareness globally.
* Participated more than 60 events & conducted more than 30 events also.
* 300+ reviews with success stories on google 4.9 rating.


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