Anulom Vilom



Anulom Vilom

Contra Indications :

* Children under 12 years should not practice
* Cardiac Patients should not exceed their time capacity

Benefits :

  • Favourable pressure changes in lungs for better oxygenation
  • Experience quietute and inner harmony
  • Sedative effect on the nervous system – concentration is improved
  • Balance the energies in our system which helps cope with pains and aches
Anulom Vilom

Anulom Vilom



Our Mission!

Our mission is to create healthy awareness and to provide disease free life to all over the world, as we believe health is sum of physical, mental, emotional, socio economical and spiritual well being.

Our Core Values

* Quality & Safety
* Peace & Kindness
* Commitment
* Discipline
* Hard work
* Acceptance & Forgiveness
* Gratitude

Our Vision!

To inspire humanity – both in air and on the ground”. We have dream vision to see everyone healthy in holistic manner.

Our Goal!

Reach 50 lacs people in one year through social media, educational programs, workshops, hospitals, societies, banks, schools, colleges, corporate, NGOs to change their lives through Yoga.


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